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Dr. Tom Kelly (since 1996)


Pain Relief/Posture Correction/Balance
back_pain_relief.jpgWe have helped newborns, expectant moms, athletes, seniors and animals live pain free, use less or no medications and achieve higher levels of health since 1996.
We offer many forms of chiropractic care. Traditional adjusting techniques (Manual & Drop Table) as well as the effective and very gentle (NO NOISES!) Activator technique.
With the addition of LASER and HYDROTHERAPY, we are at the cutting edge of Healthcare.
Todays world promotes a bent forward posture that is accelerating our aging process necessitating the use of many medications to live longer but not a better quality of living.
This bent forward posture, often seen with computer users, video game players, handheld device participants, drivers and TV watchers, promotes this harmful distortion.
The weight of gravity combined with the weight of your head, is about 20 to 26 lbs (9-12 kg).  This weight eventually overcomes your conscious abilty to remain upright. The effect over time may lead to pain, joint degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis and balance issues. 
This head forward distortion reduces nervous system connections, arguably the main factor contributing to more injuries and health problems as we age.
Historically, we saw this stooped over position in seniors, today it is very common to see children at 10 yrs of age with a forward leaning head. 
Using proper techniques, instruments and specific stretches, we have been able to eliminate this and other posture problems, helping people of all ages regain a better quality of life.

EMAIL: dr.tomkelly@yahoo.com

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