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CHIROPRACTIC wellness centre
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CHIROPRACTIC wellness centre
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CHIROPRACTIC wellness centre
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“I’ve been coming to Dr. Kelly for 3 years. When I first started coming I was having migraines, neck pain, back pain and pain in both knees, my problems have resolved through seeing Dr. Kelly, I now feel great and my quality of life has improved. The staff are wonderful, always on time, and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.”
Lorraine B.

“Dr. Kelly has been my chiropractor for 17 years. When I first started coming to see him I had headaches, neck stiffness and hip stiffness, and all of those problems have been resolved. Dr.Kelly is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and he always takes his time to make sure he’s doing the right thing for me. The front desk staff are awesome, so nice and always happy to answer questions. I have also brought my dog in for chiropractic treatments and it was very helpful! I would recommend Dr. Kelly!
Tamara W.

“Dr. Kelly and his staff are very friendly, professional, punctual and accommodating. I see Dr. Kelly once a month and have been coming for 13 years and my monthly routine helps with pain.”
Esther S.

“I started coming to see dr. Kelly a month ago after a car accident that left me with neck pain, daily headaches, upper, mid and low back pain. Since coming to see dr. Kelly I feel SO much better! He is a great chiropractor, he’s open and easy to talk to and really listens to you. The clinic is very welcoming and I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a chiro!”
Rebecca C.

“I saw Dr. Kelly previously for laser therapy, and just started coming to see him for chiro 1 month ago. I cannot believe how great I feel since starting treatment. I’ve had back surgery, and I never thought my range of motion would ever be the same since then, but it’s improved beyond belief thru being adjusted. I went golfing last week and golfed better than I ever have! I feel like a million bucks. Dr. Kelly is informative, warm, funny and knowledgeable. He explains everything that he’s doing and really makes you feel at ease. The front desk ladies are wonderful, I always have nice chats with them, and the clinic itself is fabulous, I love it. I would absolutely recommend dr. Kelly to anyone looking for a chiropractor!”
Joyce H.

“Myself, my daughter and my mom all go to see Dr. Kelly. When I come into the office I am known by name and acknowledged no matter how busy they are at the time I come in. Kailey and Elaine show true customer service that a lot of businesses are missing today.
Dr. Kelly is an amazing chiropractor and is very knowledgeable and honest. I can always trust him to give me an honest assessment and he is always right with his assessments. As far as I’m concerned, there are no other chiropractors I would go to see. If I moved to another quadrant I would still see Dr. Tom.”
Paula G.

“I started coming to see Dr. Kelly because I was having back pain, hip pain and leg pain and it was affecting my ability to walk and hunt. Chiropractic made a huge difference, Dr. Kelly is excellent and has helped me get back to doing the things I love to do like skiing and hunting. My life has definitely improved since I started seeing Dr. Kelly.”
Michael C.

“The staff is excellent, very friendly. Very punctual and accommodating even when I am late. I feel good when I come in regularly. I’ve been coming to Dr. Kelly for 12 years and would recommend him to family and friends.”
Steve S.

“I have been coming to see Dr. Kelly for 6 years and both my daughters have been coming since they were babies. Dr. Kelly is very nice, professional and all of my issues have been resolved thru coming to see him, and my girls and I rarely get sick. The front desk staff are the best, the atmosphere is friendly and warm, I would recommend dr. Kelly to anyone.”
Tammy B.

“When I first started coming to see Dr. Kelly I couldn’t even move my neck! My problems have been resolved and I always get relief, it’s excellent. The atmosphere in the office is great, I love Dr. Kelly to pieces, and the front desk staff are excellent!”
Jayne F.

“I came to see Dr. Kelly with low back pain and leg pain and after 1 adjustment I was 100%! The relief was almost instant! Dr. Kelly is incredibly friendly, you definitely don’t mind coming back. I would recommend this place to anyone!”
Robert M.

 “When I came to see Dr. Kelly for the first time 9 months ago I couldn’t even stand up straight. I was experiencing lots of pain and can happily say that 9 months later I am living pain free!! Dr. Kelly is a great chiropractor and has made such a huge difference in my life. I have since brought my son, husband, and employees to see Dr. Kelly, I would recommend him to anyone!”
-Laura S.

“Dr. Kelly is wonderful, a great chiro and I enjoy coming in and seeing all of the staff. The atmosphere is great and I enjoy talking to the girls at the front desk. When I have an issue I come in and always feel better after being adjusted.
Gail F.

“People find it so funny that we take our girl Lacee, a West Highland Terrier to a chiropractor! It isn’t funny at all, it is truly a miracle the results that he brings to her life, and our life, from her adjustments. We love to see Lacee walking much better, even running in the snow, and mostly we know she appreciates and desires the adjustments, as she warmed up to Dr Tom right away. She has a comfort and trust with him that she has never had at any treatment center. We are truly grateful!”
Maureen and Glenn R.

“I have been bringing my dog Max to see Dr. Kelly for a year and a half. Dr. Kelly is wonderful, he’s great with animals and the results are amazing. Sometimes Max can barely move when I bring him in, and after the adjustment he has much better motion and so much energy! I would recommend anyone to Dr. Kelly, I would see him myself if I didn’t already have a chiro when I brought Max to him!”
Melaney & Max.

“Last car accident I was in my first call was not to 911, not to my insurance company, not to work or my loved ones. It was to Dr. Kelly! I am “fortunate” enough to be very klutzy and Dr Kelly always gets my body back to being normal and pain free. Kailey does an amazing job of juggling availability and I can always get in for an activator adjustment! Thanks Spinalguy!!!!”
Robin H.

“My whole family comes to Dr. Kelly, he’s always my first choice of doctor to visit when something is wrong, he’s very knowledgeable. I always get relief after coming to see him. He has seen me thru 2 car accidents, neck pain, low back pain, rib pain, and I always feel better after coming to see him. The staff is always welcoming and there is a good atmosphere in the clinic.”
-Susie S.

“I came to see Dr. Kelly for an exam after being in a car accident and having rib pain. He recommended laser and I was a bit leery because I had never heard of it but I decided to take his advice. I noticed incredible results after one session, I was so surprised at the vast improvement. I got the results, the sessions were relaxing and peaceful. Dr. Kelly is one heck of a professional and I am open to anything now!
Brad K.

“I have been coming to see dr. Kelly for over 5 years and he has helped me with low back pain, leg pain and bulging disks. The atmosphere in the clinic is great, the staff are professional and I always get great results when I go to see dr. Kelly. I would recommend this place to everyone without hesistation!
Allison C.

“I started coming to Dr. Kelly 13 years ago, and although I don’t come as consistently as I should, I always get relief from being adjusted. Dr. Kelly is very personable, he remembers everything I tell him and always asks about my family when I see him. The front desk staff are excellent, very nice!”
Lorie M.

“I have been limping for no rhyme or reason, my parents took me to my vet who said I was overweight. Thankfully my Mom and Dad didnt listen and looked for a better answer which was Dr. Kelly. He watched me walk up and down stairs then down the hall, told me I was a good dog and even gave me treats! After 3 visits my body isnt hurting and I pull my Mom to see Dr. Kelly and Kailey as they make me feel better! Double Woofs to SpinalGuy and no limping!”
Nova the dog.

Dr. Tom Kelly
150 Millrise Blvd SW #3209
Calgary, AB T2Y 5G7
Phone: 403-278-7876