Ear Infections

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Ear Infections

By: Dr. Tom Kelly, D.C.

One year old Johnny’s parents brought him to our clinic stating that they had heard that chiropractic could help correct recurrent ear infections. They were initially reluctant to bring him as neither of them had personally ever been to a chiropractor but finally as a last resort they decided they would try chiropractic.

Johnny has been having recurrent ear and nose infections and frequent colds since he was about two months old. At three months his pediatrician had prescribed antibiotics but to no avail. Different antibiotics have been tried but still his condition did not seem to improve. Finally after his parents had consulted two other pediatricians who both told them that Johnny would need surgery to put tubes in his ears, they decided they would try a more conservative approach. After just three chiropractic treatments Johnny’s infection and runny nose completely cleared up and his parents took him off the antibiotics. He is now two and has not had a reoccurrence since then.

This scenario is all too common in chiropractic clinics that most chiropractors completely take it for granted that chiropractic treatments can have a profound beneficial effect on these types of conditions. Unfortunately the vast majority of the public is unaware of these clinical findings. This article will attempt to shed some light on this prevalent problem for all those parents that are still trying to reach for the answers in order to help their suffering children.

In 1990- Ear infections- known as Otitis Media-were the second most common diagnosis among all age groups.Although an estimated three to four billion dollars is spent every year for medication and surgery, the medical profession has made very little progress in treating or preventing the problem, which most often occurs in children and can result in hearing loss (source: Under the Influence of Modern Medicine, Terry Rondberg, D.C.) The gold standard for years has been and still is ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY. In fact, the abuse of medicating children with the “MIRACLE” drug is well documented.

A study found in the Archives of Family Medicine, October 1996 followed a study of 789 children in eastern Iowa to determine the frequency of antibiotic use in the first 200 days of life.


8.7 % of the infants 50 days old had already been on antibiotics for an illness.

At 100 days, the number had increased to 26.7 %.

At 150 days 37.3 %

200 days of life the number had climbed to 70.5 %.

The illness most commonly treated was ear infection and the drug of choice was Amoxicillin.

ANTIBIOTICS were discovered at a time when there were a number of serious infectious diseases that were claiming the lives of thousands of people. These “WONDER DRUGS” seemed to be the answer for saving lives. The use of antibiotics, unfortunately, became more wide spread as doctors began prescribing them for bacterial infections that were not life threatening. Eventually, they were prescribed for any infection in which bacteria was thought to be involved or in viral infections to ” prevent secondary bacterial infections.” Consequently, antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in North America and the world. The unfortunate irony of antibiotics is that people are now dying of infectious diseases that were easily treated before the era of ” BIOMEDICAL MIRACLES” began.

A study published in the U.S. News and World Report in January of 1992 stated; children who take antibiotics for common earache, or otitis media, fare no better than children who take placebos( a pill that looks identical to the drug but has no drug in it.)
In fact, children on antibiotics were more prone to earache reoccurrences than those who took nothing at all.
It is recommended that children who have clogged, inflamed, fluid filled ears—not be treated with antibiotics until waiting four to six weeks for the condition to clear up on its own.

Ear infections account for 24.5 million visits to physicians and hospitals annually, and 23 million courses of antibiotics are given. ( source: Pediatric News 31 (12); 16, 1997) Unfortunately, many medical doctors do not stop at pumping unneeded antibiotics into children. The other widely used treatment for Otitis Media, the surgical insertions of Tympanotomy tubes, is no improvement.

In the book How to Raise a Healthy Child — In Spite of your Doctor, Dr. Robert S. Mendelson, M.D. cites a double-blind study in which 171 children with acute otitis media were divided into four groups. The severity of the condition ranged from one ear to both ears being infected.

The first group received Tympanotomy tubes.

The second group was given antibiotics.

The third group was given a combination of surgery and antibiotics, and the fourth group received no chemical or surgical treatment at all.

The authors of the study found that there were no significant difference between the four groups in terms of pain, temperature or discharge.

The study, ” The Medical Appropriateness of Tympanotomy Tubes Proposed for Children Younger than Sixteen Years in the United States” was based on 6,611 cases. Researchers claimed that 25% of the proposed surgeries should not have been performed.
And for another 33%, there was not enough empirical data or expert opinion to support the likelihood of a superior outcome of the tubes over medical therapy. Complicating things further, Tympanotomy tubes can increase the risks of prolonged discharge from the ear, as well as tearing and permanent scarring of the eardrum, which may be associated with low grade, long term hearing loss.

Canadian doctor, D.D. Palmer, who founded chiropractic a hundred years ago (1895) discovered something more powerful than drugs or surgery. It has been shown that the nervous system directly controls the immune system and without the proper messages from the brain to the immune system, resistance to common bacterial infections is lowered.

Chiropractic adjustments are capable of stimulating the nervous system to remove any interference of vital messages from the brain. This ability to adjust the spine and remove nerve interference enabled Harvey Lillard, Dr. Palmers deaf janitor to regain his hearing.

Misalignments in newborns and children can occur from childbirth and normal activity. If left untreated these misalignments (subluxations) interfere or irritate these nerves and eventually disrupt the bodies ability to function properly.

While scoliosis, asthma, bedwetting, colic, and childhood sports injuries account for some children’s chiropractic visits, EAR PAIN is the number one reason children see chiropractors, according to the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) pediatrics council. (source: Parenting Aug. 97 pg.41)

Chiropractic care involves diagnosing and correcting misalignments. A misalignments is any joint of the body that has lost part of its 100% Ranges of Motion resulting in nervous system interference that may or may not cause pain but will result in a loss of health. It is essential that anyone with an ear infection consider a chiropractic spinal checkup before resorting to drugs or surgery.


Under the Influence of Modern Medicine-1998 Terry A. Rondberg,D.C.

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